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Here and There....

What is it about a family coming together after years of separation? Today it just happened to be for my Aunt’s funeral.

I am remembering my aunt and thinking of all the elders that she is with now. Thinking about the few that are still here. I am blessed with the presence of the two remaining matriarchs, my mother and my godmother, still here with me.

Loved ones in spirit. I see my father, my aunts, uncles and grandparents standing together talking about nothing in particular. It’s like they have all the time in the world. I guess they do. As my Aunt joins them she seems ready to stop and rest, it took her a while to get there. The elders in spirit just stay calm like they already knew she’d be here, I mean there.

Thinking about the funeral and even before the funeral, I recall family memories. Memories that started with my aunt and radiated out from there. Memories that seem small lead to more memories joining from one to the next until I am surrounded by my entire family. All those memories allow time to not really matter. Sort of like all the passed elders that stand together in comfort with all the time in the world.

So to see my cousins after such a long time felt comfortable with memories supporting us. The memories support our bond. Our elders are the bond, whether here or spirit.

I open my heart and see a higher power. The memories, the bond passed from generation to generation. This is the tree

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