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Can I achieve something that is greater than myself.

I thought I already made it across my bridge, but I still have a few steps before I reach land. I have about a half of a third to make it to land (the best way is to eye it).

I have achieved something that is bigger than myself. I gave birth to two beautiful daughters. I raised two beautiful daughters. I have three beautiful grandchildren. All these creations are greater than me.

I take five giant steps and cross over the bridge onto land. This time I cross for something greater than myself.

Three, the Empress is my all-time favorite card in the Major Arcana.

Woman, Mother, Abundance, Creativity

Earth - Nature

Colors - Yellows, reds, oranges, and greens

Chakras - Heart and Sacral Chakras

Symbol - Door

Meaning - Attainment

Element - Earth

Planet - Virgo


My Intention - Life is Abundance

Happy Thanksgiving

Image by Jaclyn Moy

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